Why is retention low?

Shine a light on it!

Better than a survey

Cheaper than in-person research

Get to the "Why" in minutes not months

Don't wander in the dark.

Find answers fast with OneStudy.

AI Managed Interviews
Customer conversations are driven by carefully guided AI that helps you gets the right answers by asking great questions.
All your conversations are transcribed and analyzed and tagged, to give you the best insights.
Eliminate Bias
Tired of just hearing about the bad stuff? Our analysis/synthesis removes the bias that can creep into research.

I hate coffee


Pour over is the best way to go.


I've only ever had Starbucks


Automatic Analysis
Each interview is analyzed for sentiment, emotion, and other factors to give you a complete picture of your customer.

What are the top factors that influence users' coffee shop choices?

Ethically sourced coffee was a common theme for 12 respondents.

Instant Insights
Ask questions against your study data and get instant insights. No more waiting for weeks for a report.
$ curl -X "POST" "http://onestudy.ai/api/1/study/abc-123456"

API's make the world go 'round
Embed OneStudy in to your product or import your existing data to take advatage of our analysis & synthesis engines.

Qualitative feedback has many faces

Try out a few of the demos below to see how you can use our platform to gather feedback from your customers.

User journeys

Your customers experience your organization as a whole not as individual silos. This is why interviews that find the rocks in their journey are much more valuable than CSAT or NPS surveys.

Customer behavior

We are an industry obsessed with data and metrics. But it’s often easier just to ASK your customers why they are doing something, instead of analyzing data lakes full of rage clicks and tracking data.

Understand preferences

Humans don’t fit neatly into survey questions. Who knew that customer likes vinegar in their coffee? You sure won’t, unless you ask questions that elicit creative responses.

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